The Museum of Music Project has seen over a year of very innovative and audience-building events take place around the city.  We have been extremely lucky to have had so many talented people join in our endeavors to get the message across – that New York City needs its very own music center!

This new blog will update you on all of the developments of the last year, and let you in our plans for the upcoming year.

The highlight of the year was certainly our one week residency on Governors Island in September.  We occupied a grand old Cape Cod style house, decked it out with posters, photos and objects related to music, and presented a variety of performances. (more about that show later.)

In the past year we’ve produced events that demonstrate how events at a full-scale, interactive music museum would be presented, while at the same time being pure entertainment in their own right.  We want all events to be interactive, or educational, or creative – preferably all three.  This distinguishes us from other performance organizations in that our emphasis is on music and the way it impacts our lives in every way.